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HERBALIFE!  Proven!  Powerful!  Now is the time!
 Join OUR Boston Herbalife STS TEAM in supporting your business

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    Guest Speaker

    Millionaire Team Member

    Success Traini
    ng Seminar

    May Training

     43 Scanlon Drive
     Randolph, Mass 02368
     (781) 961-4660


    7:00am Registration Opens

    8:45 - 9:30am AWT/TAB team meeting.
     Doors open

    10:00  HOM

    11am - 4:00pm Training

    Don't miss this opportunity!!
    learn from our leaders in Herbalife.

    ~~Ride the Wave!!!~~

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    Published 2013.1.20





    May 17


    The Lantana

    June 21


    The Lantana




     Boston STS Ticket Prices  

      1.  Purchased during last STS event, BEST VALUE.

      2.  Online STS ticket purchases, preferred method.
           Must be purchased by Thursday before each event.     
    •   $30 individual ticket
    •   $50 for two tickets
    •   $100 for five tickets
      3.  At the Door STS ticket purchases.

            $35 - Distributor.  CASH ONLY!


      Purchase tickets online by Thursday night before event!


    ALL Ticket sales final, nontransferable and nonrefundable!

    If you purchased a 2 or 5 pack for the event.

    We ask that you fill out the Multi-pack form
    at the bottom of this page. 

    Contact us if you have any questions.


    Attend your 1st STS FREE!

    If you are attending our STS as a new member or a guest, 
    please obtain a FREE guest ticket from the table below.

    New members may attend an STS free if you signed up
    within the last 90 days.  Please bring proof of
    application date to the registration desk upon check-in.

    Guests are encouraged to register themselves for the STS!

    NOTE:  1 FREE ticket per order.  
    Please do NOT combine FREE tickets with STS tickets on your order.  When your invoice # is displayed your FREE ticket has been reserved.


      LDW VIP Seating 
    20,000vp January through March!

    See Flyer below for those who qualify for 5 for 5
    promotion during March who may be recognized!

    If you are a VIP Qualifier, you are entitled to

    VIP seating  in recognition of your efforts.

    Please click on the link below to provide us your qualification information.

    NOTE: VIP qualifications WILL be verified upon check-in at the STS.  Please have your Member ID and PIN code with you.

    Enter your VIP volume by pressing here! 

    Boston VIP volume for January thru March 2014
    Name Marketing Level Volume #
    Lozano , Crystal Active World Team 80,521 1
    Garvey , Bill-Christe Get Team 57,467 2
    Hutchinson, Kyle Active World Team 55,251 3
    Paradis, Jessica World Team 42,769 4
    Stanton, Mike Get Team 41,099 5
    Arnold, Lisa Millionaire Team 39,806 6
    Arsenault, Tiffany Get Team 37,032 7
    najera, david World Team 33,933 8
    Hunt, Kelsey World Team 32,710 9
    Reynolds Rock, Amanda Active World Team 31,969 10
    Freiberger, Allison Get Team 31,821 11
    Gobern, Caroline Active World Team 31,605 12
    Saucier, Kimberly World Team 29,826 13
    Guzman, Krista World Team 27,909 14
    Balisciano, Brett World Team 27,500 15
    Baker, Lori Millionaire Team 27,006 16
    Simeone, Wendi President Team 26,895 17
    McCray, Jessica Active World Team 26,136 18
    vargas, cristi Get Team 25,985 19
    Danforth, Kim & Kenny World Team 25,096 20
    Ludden, Stacy Get Team 25,065 21
    Laliberte, Katelyn Get Team 25,024 22
    DiPetrillo, Bethany Millionaire Team 25,003 23
    Bennett, Rochelle World Team 23,911 24
    Williams, Jessica Get Team 22,254 25
    Charron, Heather World Team 21,554 26
    Farrington, Susan Millionaire Team 21,351 27
    Shattuck, Jennifer World Team 20,361 28
    Powell, Katia Active World Team 20,188 29

    Gorbachev , Stacey World Team 15,157 1
    Hunt, Kelsey World Team 13,502 2
    webster, stephnaie World Team 8,057 3
    Russell, Michelle World Team 5,468 4
    Monfils, Joyce Active World Team 5,281 5
    Saucier, Joyce Active World Team 5,084 6
    Multi-Pack List
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    Be certain to include yourself.  
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     6 Name (Last,First):   
     7 Name (Last,First):   
     8 Name (Last,First):   
     9 Name (Last,First):   
     10 Name (Last,First):   
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     12 Name (Last,First):   
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     14 Name (Last,First):   
     15 Name (Last,First):   
     16 Name (Last,First):      
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     18 Name (Last,First):    
     19 Name (Last,First):    
     20 Name (Last,First):    
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